18/5/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

There are not many meetings left in our current season, so now is the time to look ahead.

Tuesday of next week we have the return of David Keep. 53 of you enjoyed his presentation via Zoom on sports photography recently and we had the most positive feedback of any presentation this year. I expect that his next evening on Underwater Photography, will be just as entertaining.

The week after – 2nd June – should have been our annual awards night. This is normally one of our high spots of the year with a chance to dress up and enjoy each other’s achievements and company. For obvious reason, this cannot proceed in its normal form this year. After talking to Nigel, we have decided to proceed with a virtual awards night in recognition of our members’ achievements over the year. On 2nd June we plan to run a Zoom meeting which will comprise of announcing the awards winners. In addition, we plan to project as many PDIs as time will permit covering the images that were awarded any place or commendation by the judges over the year. Whilst it will not be possible to make any physical presentations, we hope to do that in one of our meetings in the new season – self-isolation permitting.

That will then take us to the summer season. Obviously it is impossible to plan our normal meetings and get-togethers. It is possible that there may be some relaxation as the summer progresses, but we cannot plan for that. Using Zoom, we can keep our mutual interest in photography going – as no-one will be planning on taking their usual summer holidays or breaks to get in the way of our favourite pastime. 

We have a couple of ideas already to stimulate your interest on a Tuesday evening. As you are all aware, Jenny Webster has been awarded her EFIAP distinction – and deservedly so. She would like to do a presentation to the club on the process of achieving the MPAGB Distinction – Jenny is currently working towards that and it is achieved in a totally unique way. This is likely to take place on 16 June. Colin Close has also suggested the idea of a critique night – similar to the early session that he has run – whereby members can submit images for critique from other members online

We need your ideas. Can you think of an idea that would keep out members entertained on a Tuesday evening over the summer? Perhaps you would like to do a presentation on a subject that you enjoy photographing. Or are their any photo-editing tips that you would like to share with the rest of the members – this wouldn’t necessarily fill an evening, but if several members participated, it could be very useful. Have you an idea for a competition or project that would challenge our members? Please contact me if you have.

I would like to get the ball rolling with a project for Tuesday 9th June. I would like you to put together some images that represent what lock-down means to you – that took a long time to think about, didn’t it. However, I would like you to present three images as a panel. Ideally, the images should be linked in some way – by subject matter, colour scheme, shape, technique, etc. It could involve something that you have learnt or developed over the last 2 months – such as a new hobby or skill. Maybe a family member has achieved something worth recording – it doesn’t have to be anything major. How about wildlife or birds in your garden, or even your garden itself and how that has developed in lockdown. The subject matter is unimportant. What is important is that the images should be linked in some way – either by telling a story, or by a photographic technique or subject matter. The possibilities are endless. You have 3 weeks to get this together – the only rule is that the images should have been taken since 10th March – when we last met at Avoncroft. It’s not a competition, just a bit of homemade entertainment from our members. More details will follow in due course but you now have enough information to get started.

Ideas on a postcard please – that could go over the heads of younger members though.

See you tomorrow


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