10/08/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

Now that we are having a proper Summer – alongside the easing of some of the lockdown restrictions – I hope that those of you that can, are getting out and about with your cameras. Summer photography can be challenging – if you want that delicious early morning light, the catch is that you have to get up early. Add to that the challenge of contrasty light and you find that you have to think long and hard before pressing the shutter button. On Saturday morning we took a trip to Chasewater – I’m ashamed to say that I had never really explored the area before. What a lovely area though – plenty of variety for all types of photography. Possibly best of all was breakfast for two in the Station Cafe – £7-20 in total – I’ll certainly be back there again.

Many thanks to Richard for organising our critique rooms in Zoom last Tuesday. It was a chance to try out something new and once we got beyond the short learning curve we found that we had a very useful way of allowing small group discussions (and screen sharing) within a Zoom meeting.

This Tuesday should be a fun night with a knockout competition. This has proven to be very popular at Avoncroft for the past two years. Now we get a chance to do it online and there will be plenty of opportunity for comment from the “floor”. Please get those images in to Richard quickly – it’s a fun competition, so it doesn’t have to be MCPF medal-winning standard. The forecast for tomorrow includes thunderstorms – so an entertaining evening in with your photographic buddies should be perfect.

See you all then

Best wishes


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