24/08/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

Just one week until the start of our new season – but that also means we have one more night of our summer season organised by Richard. The “Where in the World” quiz last week was very entertaining and a lot of laughs. Once again we had an excellent attendance. Remember, tomorrow is our editing night, so I hope that you have been busy editing some of the images that Richard sent out.

Talking about next week, we start with our Members Welcome Night to kick off the new year. We shall look at the programme for the new year, the Committee will introduce themselves and explain their roles within BPS, we will have a short display of a variety of work from last year and to finish we will spend some time discussing our Specialist Interest Groups So there will be a lot to pack in and we hope to see you all then.

Now is the time to start completing your Membership form for next year. I will be sending a special copy to each current member. There is also a downloadable version on our website homepage – along with our downloadable programme until the end of 2020. There is a new section on the membership form. You have an option to indicate which genres of photography interest you most. This information allows us to tailor our programme to your needs in the future.

We are also excited to announce that visitors can attend our Zoom meetings in the month of September absolutely free. This will give them a flavour of our society before they commit to join by October. Please let your friends and colleagues know about this. The easiest way to do this would be to share our Facebook page with your contacts. We aim to keep membership numbers as high as we can, allowing us to continue with a top class programme in future years.

Well that’s all for today. I hope to see you all at the editing night tomorrow.

Best wishes


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