31/12/2020 Jenny’s topical Nature tips for January 2021

Hello everyone. Well January is going to be very difficult. I am, as always optimistic, but even I’m finding photography quite hard to find with lockdown and tiers. However I will do my very best for you all in these very difficult conditions.

I start my blog with a explanation. I was reminded that in our Society and PAGB Nature rules, they do not accept Geology and Trees as Nature. Basically, I’m saying that you can enjoy taking these “nature images” and enter them into mono and colour within the Society competitions. However, once you start entering outside competitions the rules change and Trees, Geology and Weather are all classed as Nature. To make it easy for myself I base all the rules of my nature images on external competitions not PAGB. Then I won’t mistakenly enter a touched up image, as is allowed in PAGB, only to be thrown out and be blacklisted for 2 years and unable to compete because of the much stricter PSA and FIAP rules.

Be very careful with Nature images. If you alter them or do work on them, place them in a file where you know where they are. FIAP and PSA have strict rules for Nature and Travel and Journalism.

So Nature at the moment is difficult.

Fantastic news we have snow so the birds will come to the gardens for food and water. Bird photos are great. Remember always to plus exposure to compensate for the brightness of snow.

On the first fall of snow I expect everyone was out with their cameras. There are some berries still on the trees and the snow looked nice partly covering the berries. The trees themselves look amazing with their bows bending under the weight of the snow. I always think a tree with no leaves and covered in snow makes an awesome image. All animals and birds become fresh and a present a new image when the snow arrives, very exciting photography.

I think we will have more snow in the coming weeks, well I hope so, definitely not a nature image but sheep on a snow laden field takes some beating.  Again watch your exposure levels. Another awesome image but again not Nature are cattle or horses eating hay in the snow or frost and steam coming off in their breath

Getting back to nature, when snow is on the ground living becomes harder, so be watchful and look for tracks. I love walking on virgin snow looking for tracks. It’s just like reading a book, you will see prints of so many animals and birds that have visited the area.

Apples will help feed Blackbirds and all birds really. Rabbits will be making tracks too. A wonderful image to have is a rabbit running in the snow. Don’t forget the deer parks, everything looks fantastic in the snow.

Sorry for the small blog this month but I hope I have given you all some encouraging ideas.

I hope everyone stays healthy and strong and next year we can try to do bit more.

Jenny Webster

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