12/01/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

Once again lockdown has kicked in, which limits our photography to local shots or indoor work. Still, for those of us who don’t mind the cold too much, the snow and ice last week offered many opportunities – even without leaving our own gardens. It’s also a great chance to hone up on your editing skills – remember practice makes perfect.

We kicked off the New Year with our annual quiz and what a fun night it was – well done Beks for putting on such an entertaining night.

This week, we are trying a new idea. Jan has organised a challenge where we will put a title or caption to an image. I’m sure that you have all recognised that judges can be swayed by a title when judging an image, but often we have a blind spot when putting a title to an image. The committee had a trial run with this a few weeks ago and it went very well. Jan has already sent out the images for your consideration, so please log in tomorrow for another entertaining night.

We also have an early session tomorrow with the next instalment of the Roger Lewis Foundation Course, so please log on at 7-00pm for this very helpful course – don’t worry if you haven’t logged on before, you will still learn a lot.

Best wishes


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