21/03/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

I think that we can all agree that we saw some very special images from Tony Worobiec this week. His Seascapes and Coastscapes had a unique quality to them. There was one important take home message for everyone – there’s always an image there. The conditions may not fit with your original plans, so look for a different image.

This week promises to be another excellent evening. Phil Savoie will be presenting “Up Your Photography – A photo journey of self-improvement.  The talk covers topics from the science of our vision, lens testing & optical physics, employing the psychology of perspective to create images with impact as well as the odd location war story.  Illustrated with local British images, covering all genres from macro to landscape, sport, wildlife, people and astrophotography.  Tricks and tips from years of experience shared throughout.  Learn how to up your game with the award winning BBC cameraman responsible for testing the cameras and lenses for the PLANET EARTH series.  The thrust of Up Your Photography is sharing easy, practical shooting methods for you to see a noticeable improvement in your pictures straight away.  

The Up Your Photography lecture isn’t like the normal muscle flexing, breast beating look at all my lovely pictures talks. I have years of teaching visual arts experience under my belt as well as high end shooting.  The aim here is to educate members with in-depth photographic knowledge while having fun doing it. In the end I hope that they take the tips and suggestions on board as they will allow them to grow photographically. They will see improved results in terms of image quality, communicating visually as well as developing their artistic acumen.” 

Some of our members will be familiar with Phil through a Zoom presentation he did to Smethwick PS a few months ago. It ranked in the top 10 of presentations (Zoom or in person) that I have seen.

See you all on Tuesday

Best wishes


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