11/07/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

Summer can be a challenging time to get our best images. Days of strong sunshine can lead to contrasty images especially during the middle of the day – usually not ideal. Also, if you’re someone who likes nice moody early morning shots, you have to set your alarm very early. It really has to be a case of taking your opportunities. Changeable weather conditions often lead to some lovely light. The quality of light after the rain is often second to none, so grab your camera, even if it is wet underfoot.

Talking of changing weather – we had a wet start to our outing on Bromsgrove last Tuesday. We started by huddling under a shelter, but this led to the opportunity to get some reflections on wet pavements, plus some moody shots up by the church.

This week we will get to the ever popular Harvington Hall and church. A good chance for architecture, reflections, nature and textures. I hope to see you all on Tuesday at 7-00pm

Best wishes


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