19/12/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

The coronavirus lexicon continues to expand. We started learning about Coronavirus (or did Covid 19 come first), last Christmas everyone was worried about the Delta variant and now it is Omicron. If the rumours this weekend are correct, there is every chance that there will be a ban on indoor meetings after Christmas. Only time will tell, but we will take whatever steps are necessary to continue entertaining you on a Tuesday evening.

This week we have our 3rd PDI Competition and our last meeting of 2021. Owing to the significant increase in the rate of coronavirus infections, we have made the decision to make this a Zoom only meeting. It had already been decided that our judge Jenny Webster would be judging remotely over Zoom, so it is likely that many members would have opted for virtual attendance only. Under the current circumstances, we feel that it is the responsible thing to do. At the minute there are circumstances outside of our control but we aim to be back in January.

On more cheerful things, last Tuesday was very successful. Terry Livesey gave us a practical demonstration of studio lighting using a single Speedlite. In an evening that was both demonstration and hands-on, he was very entertaining and helpful.

It only remains to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Apologies for the plagiarism, but Be Positive, Test Negative.

Best wishes


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