30/01/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all

Congratulations to everyone who did well in our 3rd Print Competition last Tuesday. As ever, the standard was very high, which gave our judge Claire Carter a challenge to select her award-winning images. Indeed, she was unable to choose between the top two images in the Wildlife Colour section and awarded a joint first place to Andy Kent and Jan Godwin – congratulations to both winners.

Regrettably, we had problems with our Zoom broadcast in the first half. We have identified certain software clashes between Zoom and one of the slide projection programmes. We made certain changes in the second half and hopefully we have resolved the issue for future competitions. Apologies to anyone who missed out in the first half and thank you for your patience.

Yesterday about 14 members went to Wells Cathedral – organised by Tony Gervis. We had an excellent time taking both indoor and outdoor shots, and we were even joined by several members of Rhondda Camera Club. The weather was variable but a good time was had by all. Afterwards, Anne and I took a windy walk up Glastonbury Tor and had a scenic drive through Cheddar Gorge on the way back. Needless to say, we slept very well last night. Thank you Tony for the work and planning that you put into making this a successful day.

This week we have another one of our studio nights. Our model will be Elise who has modelled for us in the past. She specialises in Cosplay costumes and poses. This promises to be a very good night. Due to this being a studio night, it will not be possible to broadcast this on Zoom.

See you all on Tuesday

Best wishes


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