02.04.2023 Vocal Point

A very good Sunday morning to you,

Following a very interesting talk about lighting ,we look forward to the start of the culmination of  the season,with the Novice Annual Awards of both PDI and Print .This promises to be an exciting showcase of our Novices work . I am certainly looking forward to it ,we have Dave Tucker judging .

The 7pm class will be David Jellie going through Nature and wildlife rules to clarify and answer any questions you may have .

We will have a raffle this coming Tuesday as it is the first Tuesday in the month , so please bring some pennies ,or you can do a transfer on the evening .

We are recruiting – it is that time of year again 

We are heading towards the AGM so we are actively looking for new blood on the committee -your opinion counts , so if you feel you could give some time to the club ,please approach me or another committee member .

I would love to have a Vice Chair , I haven’t had one this year due to circumstances of stepping in to fill the vacant Chairman role at short notice.

I would like to have that support next year and it is also vital for the future of the Club . I have one more year as Chairman ( I can hear your sighs of relief) but the club will need another person to take the helm.

We have all contributed to building this club in to a vibrant, active successful club ,I would love to keep this going but we need your help !

I will be sending AGM details out shortly .

These include Nomination Forms for Committee,and Any Other Business requests  .

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday .

Please do contact me either by email or on club night if you feel you could help in some way .


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