21.01.2024 Vocal Point

Expecting a windy day today for sure !

What a great evening on Tuesday , so nice to have the room so full with a buzz to it and homemade cookies -just perfect and to top it off , after an evening of viewing some really super images , we retained the Bromsgrove Challenge Shield .

Well done to all involved , certainly was team work especially with the putting away . I really appreciate everyone mucking in to help so we can all get off home .

This Tuesday is  Colin Close – “Targets” at 7pm on the stage .

at 8pm it is the print competition , it certainly looked a healthy box of 

entries ! Colour and Nature -judged by Bob Goode LRPS EFIAP/b .

Usual set up please 

Chairs on stage ?TV -not sure what Colin is using 

One table at front plus lectern and print viewer and the print stands and pins 

two tables for tea

one table for welcome desk.

Many thanks 


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