17.03.2024 Vocal Point

A good night on Tuesday with a new model. Please please do send some images through, this is the only way we will keep our models committed to our club . 
They are so disappointed if they don’t get any .
This week kicks off with JENNY AT 7PM with a talk about creativity , it sounds different and interesting , please bring cameras along to get involved .

Jenny says – I will bring a few random items that I have used to make a creative image and briefly explain how I did it. I will also bring some items that I have yet to use but do have ideas for there use. Members will be welcome to bring camera along and take some of the images to be able to do their own creative images, at home. I will show how I design and photograph backgrounds all the time. Also where I go to get items, and hopefully guide any members on a path forwards to try and enjoy creating images that no one else has….
The 8pm slot is called  “A Close Encounter with Nature”.  with Darron Matthews  https://www.darronmatthews.co.uk/index.html See you Tuesday ,club should be open at 6.40 pm for the setting up crew. I believe it was a world record for clearing away a model night ,so big thanks to all that helped ,it makes such a difference . Ele 
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