24.03.2024 Vocal Point

I offered to send this week’s Vocal Point on behalf of Ele, since she wasn’t able to attend the session on Tuesday and therefore would not be able to say how good it was.

I suppose I might be biased, since it was right up my street both in terms of the subject matter of his photographs and the use of interesting electronic gadgetry, but I thought Darron Matthews’ presentation on Tuesday was one of the best we have had. Lots of technical info about how he got his shots, and a lot of fascinating “self critique” about how he might do things differently if he was taking the same shot today. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did! I note that he also does a presentation on his landscape photography. so perhaps we can get him back sometime.

Before Darron’s presentation we were also treated to an early session on “Creative Photography” by Jenny, which was also very inspiring. Hopefully you all saw Jenny’s email with her very generous offer of running small practical workshops for creative photography. Jenny tells me that there has been quite a lot of interest, with the April 6th session already booked up. There is still space for up to 3 members at the workshop on April 7th, and also an additional workshop arranged for March 30th at 10:00 with 3 spaces currently available. Contact Jenny directly if you want to attend one of these sessions.

The MidPhot photo exhibition at Smethwick is now finished, so I hope some of you managed to get a chance to see it. There was a very impressive number of club members with acceptances and awards – congratulations to Mike Billingham (5 acceptances), Richard Parkes (11 acceptances and 3 ribbons), Trevor Hunter (4 acceptances and 1 ribbon), Nick Veale (4 acceptances), Don Campbell (2 acceptances), Ele Watts (4 acceptances), Sue Vernon (6 acceptances with 1 Judges Medal) and Colin Close (4 acceptances).

Thanks to all members that responded to last week’s request for help with transport from Judith Davison – it’s great that members are willing to help each other out in this way.

This coming Tuesday we have the travelling MCPF portfolio. No early session, so set up from 7:30ish.

Remember that Tuesday is also handing-in day for prints for the Annual Open competition (and the final day for submitting PDI’s online). This is the big one, so let’s have a good entry!


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