14.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well what a fabulous evening we had on Tuesday ,a wealth of knowledge from within our midst.

A big thank you to all those who put time and effort in to preparing their presentations , and have the bottle to stand up and present . And to Andy for returning and sharing his images with us . Who knew it is so colourful in British Seas .

This week is model night and Colin has sent out full details in a separate email .

Please do come on the earlier side to help set up ,I will open at 7.15 for setting up .

We will have a Sales Table too ,as I think we are due one .

For newer members –

We sell photographic items from within the club , so if you have had a clear out and want to get rid of surplus equipment this is an ideal way .

There are two options -either donate the item to the Sales Table and 100% of the sale goes in to the Club Funds 


for more expensive items , you can label them clearly with your name and the price , 15% of this sale goes to the Club , the rest goes to you .For those items ,you are responsible for taking them back home at the end of the evening please .

The Table is generally a successful event and offers some interest whilst waiting for your turn .

See you all on Tuesday 


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