Butterfly May/June opportunities

At the end of May begining of June, two reserves that have out of the ordinary species, you can find them on google.

1 Prestbury Hill Reserve above Cheltenham, It’s a bit hard to find but is up the hill just past Sainsburys. Very hilly but well worth the effort. Rare butterflies, moths and orchids.

2 Prees Heath Common Reserve, the last place in Midlands for Silver Studded Blue. It’s an old airfield near Whitchurch, Shropshire. Look for them on the Bell Heather very like the Common Blue but have silver spots in wing circles. Google them in for more information.


Summer Hotspots

Places of interest this Summer

1. Prees Heath for Silver Studded Blue in early June

2. Prestbury Hill, Chalkhill Blue , Dark Green Frittilary

3. Hartelbury Common, Emperor Moth and dragon flies May and June

Birds in flight
1. Gringin Farm, Rhayarda, Wales. Feeds at 2 o’clock usually 300 birds.

2. Birds of Prey Center, Newent, Glos. Good vista for flying at 10 o’clock then every 2 hrs.

3.Batsford Arboretum, Glos. Hawks, Owls in flight. Best in autumn as you can see the trees in colour at the same time.

Easter time

1. Slimbridge, Glos ducks, geese with young

2. Pensthorpe, Norfolk, great day out, good for the rarer water birds all in pens and you are in there with them. May & June.

3. Cotswold Wildlife Park, some great animal shots to be had

4. Glos Becon Hill Woods, Trench Woods, Aslough Woods, great for bluebells etc.

5. Off the beaten track road to side of pub at Hook Norton, great poppy sites up the grass track.

Dave Riddle
Feb 2017


Nature Group Saturday 5th November trip out

I Have managed to get a group concession at the Butterfly Farm on Saturday 5th November but will need 10 Members to attend to get the reduction .the cost per person will be £6.50 entrance fee. We will be there for 9:45 for a 10 o’clock start. It begins to get crowded around 12 Noon so we should get 2 hours or so tuition time. I’m hoping one or two of the senior members will be on hand to give a hand. You will be free to stay as long as you like but I will be going at 12:30. There is a car park opposite and you can park on the cricket ground. Unfortunately there will be a charge so car sharing is better..sort out amongst yourselves.

The Butterfly Farm is situated just over the bridge up to the roundabout come back towards the bridge turn left behind the Swan pub. All interested please let me know in good time via my email.

Camera and lens around 100mm best. Any zoom that covers it ok. Macro prefered. Travel light as the humidity is high in there. There is a cloak room as such at owners risk. A dedicated flash is preferred but the camera one works fine.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Latest Nature Group posts from Dave Riddle

Out and about. Look for fungi wet woodland old rotting trees are all starting to appear  also small coral ones yellow red black and white. good hunting.

Can’t identify it? Go to World of Nature on the web. There is a good reference page on it.

Night flying moths can be found flying around outside house lights . The butterfly and moth conservation sites on the web. Pictures galore flying times and ordinance survey sites around the midlands.

Barry informed me that the deer at Bradgate Park are fenced off to photographers. You now have to book up and pay £5 to go in guided by a warden. Not the best way in my mind. Your time will be restricted and at the wardens pleasure. Has anyone any better local site to do deer? Charlecote Park out Stratford way and Eastnore on the Malverns is another but to my recollection they only come down off the hills at night time and are gone at first light.


Out and about this weekend – the Ivy is coming into flower, it is a mecca for wasps bees and hornets and the comma, small tortoishell, red admiral, painted lady and peacock butterflies. Very easy to do but watch you don’t cast a shadow over the subject. Also the shield bugs are showing.