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Hi All,

I have been informed by several members I may have caused some confusion with my reminder of resolution sizes for the PDI Competition in my newsletter. What I should have said is that the height should be no more than 1200 pixels and the width no more than 1600 pixels.

I  suggest you first of all make sure the height is a maximum of 1200 pixels then check out the width to make sure it doesn’t exceed the 1600. pixels, if it does exceed the 1600 you will need to change it to 1600, you will notice that the height in pixels will reduce but this is correct as the image proportion is maintained.

The positive out of this error is that I now know that several members actually read my ramblings. lol.

Best wishes.

Hi All,

And a big welcome to our new members who will be receiving this newsletter for the first time.

I hope you will find the club a place where you can make new friends, immerse yourself in all things photographic, push yourself to meet the challenges but most importantly, enjoy it.  If you are not sure of anything just ask, the only agenda the committee has is to provide the best experience and environment for members now and for the future.

 Any views expressed in this newsletter are my own and sometimes they can be a little critical (some have even said sarcastic) although generally I am looking for the positives. A good example being last week we had booked Warren Alani, a photographer well known for his architectural photography, but he had to pull out at the last minute which was a negative but the positive was we arranged for Claire Carter and she showed us some of the best landscape photography I think I have ever seen, and I do visit many exhibitions. Her presentation of images competed with the best there is, including the Charlie Waite’s and Joe Cornish’s of this world so a brilliant start to our new season.

This Tuesday we have a Members Practical Evening where members have a chance at sharing something with the rest of us which this week is what some refer to as the ‘dark side’ whilst others call the creative or magic side. Yes we are having an evening of digital effects, editing and workflow. Three members have volunteered to show their favourite programmes with possibly four or five different programmes too (‘apps’ to use the modern term).  Although this is all about making you aware of what there is about to improve your images it should also be entertaining as normally the old adage “if anything can go wrong it will go wrong” applies particularly to anything which involves a computer, with bells on.

 Moving further ahead we are having our annual Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture on 6th November which like last year will be in the prestigious Lecture Theatre at Bromsgrove School but this year it will be on a normal Tuesday Club Evening so free to members. Because of cost as well as being naturally magnanimous and wishing to share the opportunity to see and hear from a top of his game photographer we are opening the evening up to non-members for a cost of just £6.00 each. I have attached a poster of the event (hot off the press) which I would ask you to circulate amongst friends or anyone you know with an art or photographic interest. We will have some hard copies available soon.

Finally we still have a need for a Member Liaison Person to represent member interests on Committee and also an apprentice for the Webmaster’s position. The makeup of the refreshment team is still very one sided. Well done Julie Bridgewater and the team but we need some fellers to join the list (although seeing recent facebook posts/videos the ladies seem to be having more fun – quite envious!)

Almost forgot,  it’s also handing in night this Tuesday for next week’s PDI competition, don’t forget the change in resolution is now maximum 1200 x 1600 pixels.

Hope to see you all this Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Roger L


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