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Hi All,

A big thank you to Dave Riddle and David Jellie for sharing their expertise with the editing programmes ‘Fast Stone Image Viewer’ and ‘Affinity’. Both programmes offering a lot of possibilities to give a little tweak to an image you are already fairly happy with. Alternatively they also give the scope to take an image and then recreate that image to a image from your mind. I heard the phrase “art photography” recently which sort of sums it up. My bit was on Adobe Elements which I still see as a sort of continuity programme which you can start out with in the simplified area of the programme but continue over time to the more advanced areas. The object of the evening was to show the range of editing programmes available from free to pay-for to rented and from simple to advanced. Did we accomplish the objective?  We can always do another software/editing evening if there is demand, please let me know.  

This week we have the first of our monthly competitions which is a digital projection of two sections colour and mono. It looks as though there is a good entry for the judge Bob Train LRPS CPAGB to look at. I don’t think we have had Bob at the club before but several of us watched him judge an external competition last year and were very impressed. Also, unusually for a judge, he has asked to preview the entries so that he can give a more considered approach. This should result in a much better critique as well as better advice on how to improve. Should be a good night.

For those interested in entering national and international competitions as well as attaining photographic distinctions Colin Close has the early (700 – 7.45 pm) slot on the Stage. The week after Tony Gervis starts his series of presentations on taking you from start to accomplished, can’t say finish as we never really ‘finish’ in photography you just get (hopefully) better.

On the walls of Smethwick until 30th September is the SRGB Group National Exhibition. Only open during normal club opening times. Well worth a visit, a lot of outstanding work but check their opening times first

I am presently involved with Colin Close in getting ready for the next Studio Evening and thought it worth mentioning if you or maybe you know someone who would like some photos of themselves as the evening provides an excellent opportunity. Talk to Colin or myself.

Finally, I noticed a bit of male help at last week’s refreshment break, thanks guys, and the ladies of course.

Hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger L


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