This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Congratulations to all who entered in last week’s projected image competition, there was lots of really good work on the screen and you gave our judge Martin Fry a difficult job of making decisions which is why he awarded so many Commended and Highly Commended. Personally mine got nowhere but when you are up against such good work it takes the disappointment away whilst at the same time giving some ideas on how to improve the image.

This coming week we have Greg Whitton a brilliant landscape and travel photographer with a presentation he calls “A Portrait of the Landscape…and the Rule of Fifths”. For the early group (7.00 pm) our very popular Tony Gervis FRPS is doing a 45 minute presentation on the “Seeing Eye”. These sessions although aimed at novice members, more advanced members are welcome and might even learn a little as well.

Thank you to all who have sent me photos of Bromsgrove for our Stoke Prior Church Christmas Tree project, but we still need more, it would be nice to see a few Robin pics or Squirrels with their winter nuts for example. The images don’t have to be that large as the actual printed size is just 70mm x 45mm or 2.3/4” x 1. 3/4” (approx. 2:3 ratio).  Also still need a Christmas tree, any offers?

Moving on, just a reminder we are now carrying a small supply of mount boards with apertures of 12”x16”, A3 (11.3/4” x 16.1/2”), A4 (11.3/4” x 8.1/4”)  @ £2.50 for the large sizes and £2.00 for the A4’s.  Interesting to see Smethwick PS have decided to do the same (copied or coincidence lol!). See John Davidson who is looking after the mount boards.

For the following week Colin Close has organised a couple of very attractive young ladies for our model evening (Jessica Taylor and Alex model 1 if you want to check them out on PurplePort). So we will be setting up lighting and backgrounds to give a more glamorous feel.  The success of a model night is quite often dependent on the organisation and we need some helpers for setting the lighting and studio’s up and controlling the rota so everyone gets a fair chance at getting their images. Please let me know if you can help. We might also have a small portrait studio for members to have their portraits taken as we have had so many requests for a members gallery like that we had last year.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you on Tuesday.

Best wishes.

Roger L



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