This, That and the Other

Hi All,

I hope you all enjoyed those stunning images from Greg Whitton last Tuesday. He mentioned he has done some blogs and has some Youtube videos and having watched a couple they are well worth looking up, his web site is I particularly liked the idea of composing landscapes in the portrait or vertical format using his rule of fifth’s concept, food for thought and defiantly worth a try.

This coming week we have a model evening, our last model evening we had two models that could be referred to as character models whilst this time we have two glamour/fashion models for a change.

I could really do with a bit of help in setting up the two studios with lights and backgrounds so if you can be there for 7.00pm we should be ready to start at 8.00pm. For those that need a reminder of the way the evening works you first need to put your name on a rota, the rota is a sequential list of two named photographers that are photographing the model together, when you have finished your turn you move to the next studio/model and after that back to the queue and it all starts again after the last in the rota finish. PLEASE,  PLEASE do not photograph the models when it is not your turn, this confuses the model as the click of the shutter tells her to change poise and also confuses her by not knowing which way to look, it is also annoying and distracting to the photographers whose limited time you are spoiling. As we will be setting up early there will be no early (7.00pm) session on the stage.

Thank you to all who have sent local (Bromsgrove) photos for Monday’s (tomorrow) dressing of the BPS Christmas Tree at St Michaels Church, Stoke Prior. For those who would like to come along and help we should be starting at around 7.00 pm. Thanks to Michelle Chance we have a really nice tree, lights and decorations, however if you have a few baubles you would like to add please bring them along. Hope to see members there as we get into the start of the Christmas Festivities. And you never know, we might even win the Best Christmas Tree. Bit of fun!

We have a vacancy for someone who would be interested in looking after our Web site and IT. Initially it would be shadowing our present Webmaster, Tony Hawksbee, but with the view of taking the job over. We also need a Membership Liaison Co-ordinator, a position that is the first point of contact for members who want to make suggestions or have a grievance as well as making sure new members are settled in. Interested? Please let’s have a chat, we need new blood.

I think that’s it for this week.

Hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger Lewis


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