This, That and the Other 2/1

Hi All,

 And a VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR to everyone.

 It’s been (in my view) a mainly positive year so far, I suppose it all depends on what you want out of your membership, some like the thrill and learning experience of the monthly competitions, others enjoy the presentations of brilliant images from talented photographers to inspire and motivate, some enjoy the practical and studio evenings to achieve their own works of art, whilst many just enjoy being with other like-minded colleagues and enjoy the chat over the tea/coffee and biscuits.

 At the last committee meeting we were discussing getting ideas for this summer’s programme (yes, the shortest day has gone and summer is on the way) but were sidetracked a little in thinking about  encouraging more members to organise small events that would make good photo opportunities and publicise it  with a view for group outings, share a couple of cars or maybe a minibus? Sport especially if it involved horses, mud, or sweat seemed popular.  Suggestions and offers please. I know it’s a bit late but whilst we may still have our festive decorations up how about some Christmas themed photo’s that would work as Christmas cards for next year?  I will be asking for some later on in the year, maybe as a competition.

As I mentioned Christmas don’t forget our Christmas Tree at St Michael’s Church, Stoke Prior. I understand we are unlikely to win as the Girl Guides’ tree had a whole troop of 40 plus pay a visit and no prizes for guessing who they voted for. The tree’s come down on the 6th.

 Now for the New Year Party on Tuesday 8th at 7.30 pm, that’s just one week away, and it’s at our normal Hall and although already well supported we can still accommodate a few more so if you now want to come for a super evening and haven’t put you name on the list please let me know asap 
Thank you to all who contributed in making last year a success. I can’t mention everyone by name but those who arranged the refreshments, those who entered the competitions, those who helped with the setting up and taking down, those who organised the extra events and mentoring and everybody who made a positive contribution in some way or another and of course the Committee who give their time and energy in steering us in a forward direction with fresh ideas and inspirations.

 In 2019, we can look forward to the challenges and triumphs of the new year ahead and hope we can all feel a part of our successful, inclusive and friendly society. Happy New Year.

 Best Wishes

 Roger L 


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