This, That and The Other 6/1

Hi all,

 What’s the most asked question about this Tuesday’s New Year Party?  Would you believe, is there any booze! Yes we will be putting on wine, Red, White and Rose plus soft drinks, Orange, Cranberry, Coke, Lemonade and sparkling water.  If you want beer/lager or spirits you will need to bring your own. Looking at the food shopping list Janet Cox and her team are planning on a feast of a feast so do come hungry. Don’t forget we start a little earlier at 7.30 pm and tables will be arranged to seat six.

 If you are planning on donating a raffle prize it will be gratefully received but as we have sufficient prizes for this occasion it will probably be held back for future raffles so please don’t be offended if it is not used immediately.

 Just a couple of reminders: Smethwick International Exhibition has started and is on until the 13th of the month, see Colin Close’s email to the group for more details. I believe this is the largest international exhibition in the UK and is right on our doorstep so it would be a shame to miss it.

 We have a few national competitions who are now open for entries including: Leicester and Leicestershire Photographic Society National Exhibition, Vale of Evesham National Competition plus an International at Cheltenham International Salon so for those going for BPE or FIAP points it’s a goo start to the year.

 And finally (it’s a short Newsletter this week) I see some great facebook posts from members on my personal facebook page and I’m thinking wouldn’t it be good if they were also shared on the club’s facebook page. Yes I know we have two pages which is a bit confusing but it’s so easy to copy and paste so let’s share some happy photos as well as pic’s we are pleased with (even exotic dance videos – you know who you are ).


Hope to see you Tuesday for a great start to the year.

 Best Wishes.

Roger L


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