This, That and the Other 4/2/19

Hi All,

Sorry a bit late this week due to lots of non-club or photo activity apart from getting together my prints for handing in on Tuesday for our monthly competition as well as an entry for Midphot. Don’t forget if you are putting in prints to Midphot, Colin Close will collect them this Tuesday, just make sure you put them in the right box with the entry form. I understand we have a good entry promised for Midphot which is the premier Midland Exhibition of Photography. Fingers crossed we do well and our reputation continues as one of the best clubs in the Midlands.

What with the weather forecast for last week I almost expected a total no show on Tuesday, so I was pleasantly surprised how many braved the cold (or is Tuesday night when the Mother-in-law visits!!) to listen and see Graham Walton’s superb images. Just about every subject was covered apart from erotica which is not everyone’s cup of tea (however I do enjoy discussing the artistic merits). On a serious note, I was impressed about the intricate attention to detail Graham incorporated in his images which raised the bar from excellent to stonkingly good (an eloquent local term as ‘amazing’ is just such an over-used word).

This week please note there is no early session (7.00 – 7.45 pm) as we prepare for a members’ practical evening. A couple of changes to Tuesday’s events: Firstly we have to do a fire drill, I keep putting it off but now Avoncroft are nicely insisting, so that will happen straight away at 8 pm and so long as we don’t lose anyone in the pretend flames it shouldn’t take too long.

The other change is that Richard Chapman who was putting on a Macro table has been shipped off to the USA with work commitments.

The John Dignum Sales Table is on so bring in your surplice gear and see if you can find it a good home as well as some cash in your pocket.

John Davidson will be demonstrating mount cutting and presentation, and he will also have blank mounts for sale so this might be ideal for mounting your prints and handing them in at the same time for next week’s monthly competition.

Colin Close will be setting up a small portrait studio and will be happy to discuss various lighting techniques. We do need some models both girls and guys so volunteer’s please.

Nigel Taylor is trying to bring our members’ portrait gallery (otherwise known as the BPS horror gallery) up-to-date and which has proved so useful in getting to know one another.

This evening is also your opportunity to get creative with Still Life so bring your cameras and also some interesting items (or some everyday items but with some creative thoughts). I think back to Michelle Chance’s table forks and a marble and Jan Harris’s line of table forks with reflections. Both did very well and won several awards, perhaps they would like to replicate them? There will be several different light sources for you to play with. Let’s have some fun! We will have an informal competition a few weeks later (to allow for editing) probably via our face book page for a bottle of bubbly. I am hoping for new challengers as Phil Nokes has won the last three bottles!

That’s it for this week and hope to see you Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Roger L

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