This, That and the Other 10/2/2019

Last week didn’t turn out too bad in the end, in fact it turned out much better than I had hoped. Julie Hall’s daughter, Sophie, was a real star in Colin Close’s Portrait Studio (don’t forget she would like some of your images). Dave Riddle brought along some exotic butterflies from the Stratford-on- Avon Butterfly Farm where he seems to have a special relationship for getting things most can’t. John Davidson was kept busy with mounting, showing and answering the many questions. Jan Harris had a very busy bring-and-buy table with quite a bit of money changing hands so thanks to everybody who brought some really nice gear along. The only disappointment was the still life tables which didn’t seem to inspire, perhaps we need something more exciting, answers on a post card please!

Wednesday evening six of us were made very welcome at Kings Norton PS for the Six Societies Annual Competition. Unfortunately we did not win but we did come 3rd with 96 points which if they were giving out medals that would have been a bronze. This year Redditch came 4th with 93 points; then Studley with 91 points, and finally South Birmingham with 90 points. We were just behind Kings Norton on 98 points but Droitwich could do no wrong with 108 points. It was a very enjoyable evening with plenty of good humour banter and some cracking prints.

A personal bit of amusement came from the Judge Mr Bob Moore who during his opening remarks mentioned fashions and trends and what genres are in and out and he happened to mention that church interiors were dead and no longer got anywhere in competitions which caused a little giggle from our group as my entry was an interior shot of St David’s Cathedral. Judged before it had even been seen, thank you, I thought!

This week we have our 3rd Print Competition (Colour and Nature) so best of luck to all the entries (could this be the entry that gives you a trophy on Awards Night?).

The early session on the stage (7.00 pm – 8.45 pm) is Colin Close helping with competition and distinction entries so please bring along a print for discussion.

Something which might be of interest is that Smethwick PS is hosting ‘Masters of Print Exhibition’ until the 28th of February, see the attached Poster.

Finally a request for some more help with getting a bigger rota for the refreshment break and as strange as it might seem men are quite capable of making a cuppa and tidying up after. Please talk to Julie Bridgwater.

Hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger L

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