This, That and the Other 17/2/2019

Hi All,

What a good turnout we had on Tuesday and proves the popularity of our competitions. Obviously members are interested in different aspects, some are very competitive and are there to win, whilst, I suspect that most of us want to learn and improve (and then win). Last week’s judge was a little controversial with many feeling he was more interested in the technique used rather than the image itself. I mean, how can you say that a particular image was shot at an aperture of f10, so long as what should be sharp is sharp does it matter and as for implying there was some fiddling and diddling going on in a nature print certainly ruffled a few feathers (rant over!). However I think the final results were pretty much spot on and nice to see John Davidson’s landscape getting a well deserved 1st (even if it was a composite, which it wasn’t lol). I must say the nature section was superb with so many of those images worthy of being in a National or International Competition. Well done everybody, now it’s panic time for the next PDI comp. with the set subject of “Speed”. I’m thinking ‘out-side-the-box’ ideas as possibilities.

This week’s early session is by our own very popular and entertaining Tony Gervis starting at 7.00pm sharp. The Presentation is ‘PEOPLE’. The most photographed subject by a long way, but probably the one photographers know little or care about. He will show you some basic poses, family shoots, weddings, groups and how to get the best from children and a whole lot more. Please note, this is NOT street photography.

The main event is Andy Beal FRPS with a presentation entitled “The digital monochrome print”. As an established lecturer on the photographic club and society circuit, Andy enjoys a reputation for producing thought-provoking black and white pictures printed in a dark and gritty style. The first half of the evening is large A2 size prints followed by a digital presentation. Should be a wonderful evening of visual delights.

I called into Smethwich PS on Saturday for the Masters of Print Exhibition which is worth a visit but what really interested me was they were getting ready for the judging of the Midphot Exhibition in the afternoon (I did get an invitation to watch it but Gail is in car hunting mode, and I’m not that brave). Anyway, I have never seen so many boxes of prints – there must have been thousands of prints – so for those who say the print is dead, you are wrong!

Finally summer is approaching (as I pen this email the sun is streaming through the conservatory windows so it’s possibly here already) and we need to start thinking of what we want from the Summer Programme, so ideas please. This will be one of the topics on tomorrow’s Committee Meeting.

Hope to see you Tuesday,
Roger L

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