This, That and the Other 24/2/2019

Hi All,

Interesting presentation last Tuesday, I thought it was going to be purely black and white prints however, not only did we get B&W we also got some colour and most prints done in panels of three super large A2’s. We as a club don’t do panels anymore but there is still a reasonable following in the photographic community so it was a bit of a reminder to past days when not only did the print have to be good but also had to work with the other prints alongside it. We then had a brief encounter with Lightroom and Photoshop on how to do a mono conversion and after a bit of technical stuff didn’t he make it look easy, almost magical.

Well some of us have been doing things right as the results from Mid Phot are now in. These big competitions are always so unpredictable as the three judges only have a few seconds to make that in/out decision so the image either has to jump off the easel or screen and smack them in the face or be so totally different to rattle their brains. The results I have so far is Julie Hall with 3 acceptances plus a MCPF Ribbon, Colin Close with 3 acceptances plus a HC ribbon, Sue Vernon with 5 acceptances, me with 7 acceptances and Jenny Webster goes from strength to strength with 8 acceptances including 2 Ribbons. There may be others but well done to everybody who entered as the entry was massive and the judges stated the standard was very high. It is only a pity the acceptances don’t count towards the BPE distinctions system as I understand several members are getting close to their first crowns.

This week there is no early session as it’s a studio evening. I have attached a couple of photos of ‘No-Limit-Cosplay’, aka Sophie and ‘That Famous Cosplayer’, aka Mike. As you will see it’s something a little different which hopefully will get those winning images. We also have a new grungy background which should work well.

Just a reminder when you arrive please enter your name on the rota list for the shooting sequence and also please refrain from trying to get grab shoots when it is not your turn, they very rarely work anyway and all you do is distract the model and ruin it for those whose shooting time it is. You were all so very good last time.

More external competition results coming up soon and don’t forget it is handing in or emailing your entries for the next PDI competition with ‘Speed’ as the theme this Tuesday.

We are starting to run short of time for finalising the Summer Programme so we really need your suggestions (preferably for a Tuesday evening but that’s not written in stone).

And finally we need some more help with the refreshment break as the more members we have the greater we can spread it out, please talk to Julie Bridgewater.

Hope to see you Tuesday,

Roger L

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