This, That and the Other 1/3/2019

Hi All,

Don’t know about you but I managed to get some great images at Tuesday’s model evening, in fact my biggest problem is culling them to select the best. I hope you’re having the same problem. A big thank you to Sophie and Nick and if we can get them plenty of images I’m sure we can ask them back in other disguises (I’m thinking Summer Programme). Send them all to Sophie’s email which is- It would also be nice to see some images from the night up on our face-book pages. Unfortunately I’m pressed for time as I’m having a small break but will try to get a few up before I go, now over to you.

This week we have our favourite presenter Tony Gervis FRPS for the early session. I ‘m not sure of the subject but I do know, without a shadow of doubt, it will be informative and entertaining. 7 pm sharp start.

Then we move into the last of our monthly PDI competitions which is a fixed subject for mono and colour of ‘Speed’. Best of luck to all entrants.

Thinking about up-coming competitions we have our 4th Print competition on the 26th of March with handing-in on the 19th. If it is of any help I will be sending my prints off to DS Colour Labs on Friday 8th March so if you want to save on P&P then let me have the digital files by Thursday the 7th so that I can bring the prints to the Club on Tuesday 12th which will then give you a week to mount them before handing-in. This is another fixed subject of ‘Painting With Light’ which if you think about it, gives a wide scope for interpretation.

Still hoping somebody will give a thought for evening outings on the Summer Programme. Not had one suggestion yet! Someone please.

This is a short one, as the weather changes for our short UK break in the rain, I will be back for Tuesday and hopefully see you then.

Roger L

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