This, That and the Other 31/3/2019

Hi All,

Last Tuesday saw the last of the season’s monthly competitions so the competitive ones amongst us will be calculating their final scores to see if they are in for an award. Of course the main reason for competitions is the challenge to improve one’s work and get better as a photographer, but an award is a sweet bit of icing on the cake. I will stick my neck out again and say how impressed I was with the images up on the easel particularly some of what you could call contemporary creative impressionism, well done, I do like to see new work.

I attended a meeting with several other camera/photography clubs yesterday and was fascinated at the different ways other clubs work and although I have to put in a report to committee first I don’t mind sharing one idea. A way of solving the long outstanding problem of the refreshment break which is normally unfairly left to a few who generally are the lady members is that all members take a turn which if you think about it would mean your turn would be about once a year. Has this got legs? please let me know.

Please note there is no Early Session this week.

This week is a Members’ Practical Evening where members put on something themselves and offer a chance to try something new and take some photos.
As it stands David Jellie is putting on at least one table-top show;
Tony Hawksbee is going to get creative with flowers;
Jan Harris and John Davidson (depending on weather) are either outside or on the darkened stage for some light painting (so warm and dark clothing if you want to get involved with this creative opportunity);
I have seen a YouTube video on capturing incredible stress patterns from clear plastic objects using polarised light and a polarising filter and will be trying to recreate the technique. I have to be honest and say I haven’t had chance to try it yet so this will be “like a virgin for the very first time”. If you have a polarising filter please bring it along and if you haven’t got one hopefully we will have a couple of spare ones you can use. Also if you have any clear plastic objects please bring them along too;
We will also have a Challenge Table where, with the aid of a selection of odd objects, you have the challenge of creating something different;
And finally we can go back in time to our childhood adventures of playing in water with water splashes, such fun!
Anyone else wanting to contribute to the evening you are most welcome.

Got to keep it short this week (hospital visiting) so hopefully see you Tuesday for a creative and fun evening.

Best wishes.
Roger L

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