This, That and the Other 14/4/2019

Hi All,

Last week’s newsletter was a bit long so this week I will try and keep it short and provide only correct information (well done to all who spotted last week’s mistake).

A big thank you to Darren Shipman of Dpix Studio for entertaining and educating us in the art of studio/portrait photography last week. It was interesting to see how small changes to lighting can make a big difference to the effects on the portrait. Also a big thank you to our delightful model Michelle who gave us all several laughs even if some were at her expense. It was very generous of Darren to donate his fee to Edwards Trust, a local charity who help children and parents deal with the bereavement of their children or visa versa. I must say I was somewhat taken aback in a most wonderful way by the generosity of so many of you who added to the collection to the tune of an additional £67. Amazing! thank you. If you want to know more

During the week a few of us were invited to Beacon CC (Malvern) to look at how they have become one of the most successful clubs in the Midlands and if there were any lessons we could learn to provide a better offering to our members. I am pleased to say the differences between our two clubs is very little. The evening was a PDI competition (and maybe I am biased) but I thought when it came to quality of work we are definitely not lacking. They start their evening at 7.30 pm going on to 9.30 pm. Would that present a problem for anyone? (This is just a general ask, there are no plans, but please let me know.) I would like to thank Beacon for making us very welcome and giving us some thoughts for the future.

This week I see it’s me for the early session on ‘alternative software’ (so I had better start swatting). The main event Is the Novice Annual Competition for both prints and PDI’s so best of luck to all the entries.

Finally any chance of a few more pics or posts on our facebook page, it would appear we have quite a good following (although sadly not in the millions).

That’s it, no more waffle, hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger L

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