Vocal Point 29/03/2020

Hi all

We all have our own way of dealing with the current health issues and restrictions. You only have to look at social media to see how inventive people are becoming at entertaining family and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. Please keep sharing and keep the ideas coming. By doing so we will bring a new level of sanity to our restricted lives. Let’s look out for each other – there may be fellow members who are totally restricted to home and would appreciate a chat, or just a few groceries brought back from the shop. We don’t have to face this in isolation, even if we are self-isolating. Just last night Anne and I and two other members spent 2 1/2 hours in each others’ company in a virtual pub. It was silly – and yes there was some drink involved – but thanks to Alexa (other brands are available), it was a lot of fun.

There is an enormous conflict between the need to keep our social distancing whilst at the same time trying to hang on to our free will. It is not for me to repeat any advice – I will leave that to the government and medical experts. Understandably, some of us will look for ways to expand our horizons – especially when we are all so passionate about photography and the great outdoors. The point of my message is that Bromsgrove Photographic Society cannot sanction or condom any outings or get-togethers for photographic or other purposes. I will pass no judgement on any plans that you will make as individuals – however, BPS cannot allow any use of our social media to arrange such plans. If any individuals get together for any reason it will be your own responsibility. Our insurance cover will not protect you or any 3rd party in any way. I would also say that our club name cannot be connected to any such arrangements. Our reputation and good name in the future may rely upon that. Should anyone wish to keep in contact with other members and make any such plans, then we must ask that you do that through private messaging, and not through the club’s email groups or social media outlets. Exchange of contact details is always permitted, but it should stop there. I’m sorry that I am coming across as the BPS Grinch two days in a row, but we have that responsibility to the club’s reputation and future.

And – in other news – this week we have our set subject Print competition. Well done to Nigel for ensuring that this will continue through remote judging. We will also do our best to run our Annual competitions if at all possible. We are also looking at the possibility of future speakers doing some sort of presentation online, so watch this space. Looking ahead we will need to ensure that our AGM and Awards nights can proceed remotely. Nothing concrete yet, but watch this space.

Sorry about the diatribe this week. Best wishes and good health to you all.

Excellent news from two of our members.

Jenny Webster has been awarded an EPSA Distinction from the American Photography Society at the 3rd level. The requirements for this are massive – 700 images accepted not just once but 3 times – a total of 2100 acceptances. This is a huge achievement.

And, to keep the good news going Julie Hall has now been awarded the BPE 2Crown. This requires 50 acceptances in BPE competitions. Once again, massive, and something to be very proud of.

Well done to you both.


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