Vocal Points 05/04/2020

Hi all

I hope we have all had time now to adapt to a new level of normality and the challenges it is bringing. My challenge to you is to keep your photographic interest going while developing your skills. I know you will all be missing our Tuesday night get together, but all is not lost, the club is working to keep you entertained in many ways. Our Annual PDI competition should run as scheduled, we may be able to run the PAGB Portfolio as per your handbook and our AGM will run in a suitable format. So how will we fill the remaining evenings? 

1.  Many thanks to Nigel and our competition judge Phil Cooling for allowing our set subject competition to continue in a PDI version. The standard of the images was as high as ever and the judge’s comments and decisions were entertaining – certain members may have their reservations about not being that sharp, plus one would look better in a flowing dress. I know Nigel faced many challenges in getting the finished article to the members, but it was worth it in the end. Great work Nigel.

It is also our hope that we can run our Annual PDI competition on 5 May – we are looking at the possibility of running this “live” on Zoom. I will return to Zoom later. The Annual Print Competition will have to wait for obvious reasons but it is our intention to run it before the start of the new season – circumstance permitting.

2.  Jan is actively looking at the possibility of running remote lectures from a choice of speakers – once again “as live” if possible on Zoom. We are aiming to fill 3 or more evenings with this.

3.  If you are not a member of our Facebook page then visit it now and join on  https://www.facebook.com/Bromsgrovephotographicsociety/  

This weekend Beks is running a competition challenge for everyone – set subject Back Garden and it is an image that must be taken this weekend. The weather is fabulous, so there is no reason for not participating – all for fun.

4.  Thanks to Colin for keeping us up to date with hints and tips. Please feel free to contribute – either with your own tips or by directing us to useful webpages that may help us.

5. I’ve mentioned Zoom before. It appears to be this best way to allow all our members to interact live on a virtual club night. I realise that some members may have reservations about using such technology, however, the plus side is that it allows the club to continue providing a service to any of our members that wish to participate. Without such technology, we would be unable to keep any form of club events going in the current circumstances. Richard will be running the Zoom account and in due course, you will receive further information on how to participate.

6.  I challenge you all to look upon this as an opportunity to improve your photography. You have had some excellent early sessions from Tony, Beks and Colin. Now is the time to put those tips into action. Take your camera out when you take your daily exercise session, look for ideas in your garden or even in the house. If there is some technique you have forgotten or would like to learn then put out a plea for help or advice. Don’t be afraid to ask – giving advice can be just as stimulating as receiving it.

7.  Above all, remember why you became interested in photography and why you joined Bromsgrove Photographic Society. Photography should bring pleasure and joy, it’s not a chore. Anything that takes our minds away from the dark side of life at the minute should be embraced.

Good luck and good health to you all.


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