15/06/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

I for one, really enjoyed the Panel of Three competition last Tuesday, when we got a chance to show what we have been doing during lockdown. Not only were the images inspiring, but we also benefitted from members interacting, offering advice and constructive criticism. I’m sure most of us took something positive away from that evening.

I’m sure that you will have had a chance to look at Michael McIlvaney’s successful entries in the Lensculture Street Photography Awards. This is such a massive achievement. If you haven’t looked already, the link is https://www.lensculture.com/2020-lensculture-street-photography-award-winners?utm_source=General+List&utm_campaign=a4b38130be-BW19-Winners_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f1724e682d-a4b38130be-93071297&mc_cid=a4b38130be&mc_eid=41fc8289c8

This Tuesday Jenny Webster will be presenting to us on her journey to aiming for the highest distinction from the PAGB – the MPAGB. Jenny has provided the following background to her talk –

The Talk is about my Journey to try to attain the distinction from the pagb it is the final one and it is the Master. M.P.A.G.B.

There are apparently only a 100 plus people who hold this distinction, it is definatly not given easily.

I’m not convinced I will get it…but I dont think I will have a better set of images than I have know and so I have selected 79 nature images, some are new some not and I wish very much for club members to take a look at the images and basically help me to choose the best 20 images that have immediate powerful impact along with constructive comments as to any improvements they feel may improve the images.

Some images are doubled one being colour, one mono I am hoping for decision on best. I feel the club will be such a help in the final selection and i will be so grateful for anyone wishing to help me…..

The event will be running this November ..I have chosen to do p.d.i. versions as my images are not all in conventional print sizes…. there are 4 of us at the moment entered…. possibly 4 in print….so 8 entrants this is a number that means it is more than possible it will run. Covid permitting. So I am preparing that it will.

This distinction Nature is judged in its pictoral value meaning quite a lot of work can be done to tidy up images…. strict FIAP and PSA rules are not applied. I intend to talk through each image and explain what I have altered.on many there are no changes and still remain true nature.

The evening will start with a film slide show of all images this will take 10 mins there after I will start with each image open and briefly discuss general consensus with regards if worth keeping and improvements. 

Some of the images I have already been told are of standard these I will just check to see if members pick these out. That will help me see if we are all singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak.

I’m sure it will be a full evening.with a lot of critique and possibly a helpful amount of learning for all of us. A lot but not all images have won awards I will say which have on evening.

Hope this helps show everyone just how much I value their contribution on Tuesday evening…Thank you All in advance.
Jenny Webster

I’m definitely looking forward to this and I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom then.

Best wishes


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