09/06/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

Lockdown continues but our Society goes from strength to strength. Well done to everyone who featured in our awards night last week. The images on display show the depth of quality that we have now. Many thanks to Nigel for the work he put into making it such a successful evening.

This week we feature our Panel of Three night. The entries that I have had only go to show what an inventive lot we have been during lockdown. So please tune in for what promises to be an entertaining evening.

Looking ahead, we have a number of ideas for the coming weeks. Just a taster – how about two brand new speakers – possible one international, an interactive photo-editing night, an international inter-club competition (intriguing), a quiz and a critique night. Some (or all) of these could feature between now and the end of July, so watch this space.

Some committee news – the post of Publicity Officer has been unfilled for over 12 months. Anne Galbraith-Jellie has volunteered to join the committee in this role. This will be the first time since I have been a member that all committee posts and roles will have been filled. I know Anne will be a great asset to the committee and society. (And no, I’m not biased!)

So keep smiling and keep clicking

Best wishes


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