Blossom Watch – National Trust

Hi everyone, I just wanted to draw your attention to this. The link is below.

Regarding blossom, of course at the moment it is abundant but it is short lived. So don’t forget to get some close up images of the very different versions, but also try the wider mass image which can also be used as a background. Basically from 1 image you can make at least 5 backgrounds for later use. How? you ask.

Import your image into your editing software for post processing, duplicate it and blur it. Duplicate it and go into hue and saturation and change its colours, in Photoshop there is stylise under the filter section and you can change the image in even more ways. So a few images of blossom will get you all on the way to starting your background and texture portfolio’s. Don’t forget to mono it for another useful background or texture.

Finally, as a thought, when the blossom starts to fall, hopefully not until you have your images, a tripod and slower shutter speed is a great shot and different shot but if it fails you can turn the image into another useful background or texture.

Blossom isn’t here for long so don’t miss the chance.

Jenny Webster.

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