09/05/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

We are rapidly approaching the end of this season with only 3 meetings left. On Tuesday we are running our AGM on Zoom – an important time to reflect on the highs and lows of the preceding year and present our plans and ambitions for the year ahead. It has been a year unlike any other but we can be optimistic about the future. Please join us on Tuesday and we will 

Last week we had a wonderful presentation from Cherry Larcombe on Creative Flower Photography. We had a chance to see some quite beautiful images and learn some useful tips and techniques along the way. This is a genre of photography that has grown in popularity in recent years – you only have to look at exhibition results to see how many awards have been picked up by this type of image. Cherry’s presentation style was relaxed, friendly and informative. Another great night on Zoom.

Currently there is a lot of optimism around the vast improvements in the coronavirus epidemic. We will always be observant of any rules and guidelines that may be in place, but we can look forward to putting together an entertaining programme of summer events and outings, allowing us to return to more normal photography with the bonus of proper social mixing. In addition, it is our aim that more experienced members will be available to mentor and offer advice to anyone who needs it. There are two events arranged for the near future – Cotswolds Wildlife Park on 12 May and Stourport Town Centre on 5th June. Details of our full summer programme will follow in the very near future.

See you all Tuesday

Best wishes


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