16/05/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

On Wednesday a number of us had a very enjoyable outing to Cotswolds Wildlife Park. The weather was kind, the animals were largely cooperative and the socially distanced company was excellent. It was an excellent return to near normality and a chance to top up the image reserves which are running low for most of us. Well organised Jenny and Sheila.

Our AGM has now passed and your committee is very gratified with the overwhelming support that we have received from our members. We aim to continue providing you with the best reasons that we can to participate in your society on Tuesday nights.

This week we have a final competition of the season – the 4th Print competition Set Subject Autumn for Mono and Colour plus a Nature section. Good luck to everyone who has entered.

Finally, I have used the rainy weather to do a stock take of my images – never an easy task which gets worse the longer you leave it. My hard disk was filling rapidly so some tough decisions had to be taken regarding what to keep or cull, and what to back up to a separate storage device. Do you really need RAW and JPEG files for every image? Also partially edited files in Photoshop and Affinity take up an enormous amount of room. Lots of images I’d forgotten about – it is always worthwhile looking at old images which you may have initially rejected – as our editing skills improve we can often produce good images from something that we had rejected. Whilst this was a very time consuming task, it was definitely well worth doing.

See you all on Tuesday

Best wishes


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