23/05/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

I’m sending this from a wet, cold and windy Cornwall on a mobile phone, so I will be very brief. Some marvellous stormy seas to shoot but impossible to keep the gear dry. Better forecast tomorrow I believe. 

What a great final print competition last Tuesday. Well done everyone who entered and congratulations to all of you who got held back by the judge. Jenny Hibbert  did a great job under very trying circumstances. It’s a shame that all the Zoom gremlins seemed to gang up on us at once. Still, we have had a superb year under the circumstances. 

This week is the final of our season. Our annual awards night is always a highlight of the year. Previously it has been an opportunity to dress 👗 up and enjoy some food, drink and great company. Let’s try and make this one a special night to end the season. 

See you all on Tuesday 


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