08/08/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

We are rapidly approaching the start of our new season. The overall coronavirus situation continues to improve and – barring any unforeseen circumstances – we are aiming to return to Avoncroft for our meetings. We will be taking all necessary steps to ensure that members feel comfortable with returning to the hall. In addition, we will be looking at ways to make our meetings available to members who do not feel comfortable with returning at this stage. Whilst the past 17 months has been difficult for everyone, Bromsgrove PS has provided a blend of support and entertainment for all. We aim to carry this into the new season whilst we adapt to the changes that will take place.

Most of you will be aware that we have had a regular Saturday in August when we make use of one of the market stalls in the High Street bto promote our society. Indeed, many of you will have made the decision to join us following this point of contact. Obviously, we were unable to do this last year, but we will be returning this year on Saturday 21 August. We are likely to be there from 10-00 to 4-00pm. We are always grateful for moral support on the day, along with help setting up and dismantling the displays at both ends of the day. I will send out final details next weekend.

Some  more good news – the Photography Show returns to the NEC 18 to 22 September. It’s a great chance to handle some new gear, make some discoveries and reconnect with old acquaintances. I’m going on Saturday 18th and hope to see some of you there.

This Tuesday we will meet at Arrow Valley, Redditch – a good opportunity for nature, sailing if we are lucky, people shots and even a sunset if the conditions are good. I hope to see you all then.

Best wishes


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