28.01.2024 Vocal Point

Well the weather is definitely turning for some lovely light for taking photographs ,and some amazing sun rises and sun sets .

What a great evening Tuesday was , with a super judge ,I look forward to his return. Note to self -don’t enter dog pics .

This Tuesday we become our own selection panel , we get a glimpse in to the world of trying to make a balanced entry ,this should be fun ,different and really make us look at things differently .

Please bring images along in various ways -phone ,tablet ,lap top ,prints .

We will need to see them as a group ,and then choose . We will need a boy and girl team captain too .

Please enter the spirit of it and make a good internal interclub competition the following week .

7 pm we have David talking about Affinity software a very useful alternative to photoshop

8pm is selection committee you will need to elect a team captain to coordinate your images and submit your final list to Nick.

David will be there about 6.40 with me not far behind .

Set up –

Stage with chairs and TV 

Main Hall Divided in two  facing stage 

Four  tables by stage – two at each end and chairs fanning back from each table to make two groups of people looking towards their front tables .

See you Tuesday 


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