06/02/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

I am looking for volunteers. On 3rd March we are participating in a Zoom event with 3 other societies – Baglan Bay, Carluke and Cwmbran. This has been proposed and organised by our member – Peter Young – who is also an active member with Cwmbran Photographic Society.

The format for the evening will be that each society will present images representing a cross section of the work created by their members. Our membership in Bromsgrove PS covers a wide range of genres – now we have an opportunity to share our interests to a wider audience. We are looking for several members to submit a small portfolio of their work and to be prepared to spend a few minutes commenting on their interests and processes – probably a maximum of 5 minutes per member. Above all, we are not just looking for experts – we are looking for people who are passionate enough about their work to share it with other people. This applies to all – novice or more advanced. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to participate – depending on response it may have to be first come, first served.

I hope that you all enjoyed the MCPF Portfolio last Tuesday. Whilst the quality of the presentation suffered at times – due to the limitations of Zoom for such a presentation – we had a chance to see some of the best photographic work in the Midlands Federation. I’m sure that many of you realise that you are just as capable of creating images of this quality, so now is your chance. Entry to Midphot 2021 is open until 13 February. It is open to any member of Bromsgrove PS at a remarkably low price of 0.75p per image. Here is the link midphot-2 so why not give it a go.

On the subject of competitions this Tuesday is the final submission date for our Best of the Best PDI competition. You can enter any of the work that you have submitted over the last 5 years – regardless of whether it was held back by the judges or not. You may also want to rework one of your favourite images – based on feedback that you received from the judge or other members in the past.

Finally, on Tuesday we are taking part in the Six a Side Interclub competition hosted by Droitwich PS. We have a very strong entry of work and it will be interested to see how we fare against some of our close neighbours. As usual it will be a Zoom meeting but it is hosted by Droitwich. I will be sending out the Zoom link and score cards in a following email – probably later today.

So, that’s a lot to take in today. As ever, your support for Bromsgrove PS is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


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