Additional April Nature Blog

Just at the moment we have a wonderful show of Wood Anemone, a small white gentle flower that is in the woodland where it has been cleared. This is a wild flower and is Nature. Use either a wide angle shot of a carpet of them or a macro shot of the flower, it doesn’t last long

There are also other wild flowers such as the Lilac Meadow, Ladies Meadow or the Cuckoo Flower which is abundant, again pure Nature. Tall and graceful it is out now and actually visible on grass verges around lanes and meadows especially Knapp and Paper Mill but in any meadow. I have seen this at Eades Meadow in the past. Meadow Cuckoo flowers attract butterflies

Macro shots of the flowers are nice and a landscape image showing carpet of colour.

Any of the Wildlife Trust woods will give you these wonderful wild flowers that are here for only a short time.

My blog did not clarify Bluebells which are well on their way towards their show but many of the National Trust houses will have Bluebell shows also Woodland Trust woods, Tiddersley, Monkwood, Pepper and even Pipers Common, Hanbury which has undergone a lot of clearing so the Bluebells will be abundant. Not forgetting Shrawley Woods (thanks Beks for helping me list some of the places).

When photographing Bluebells, don’t forget to try moving the camera downwards,  a trick if you want a blur. Also a carpet of landscape blue to use as a texture or future background. Bluebells of a dark blue and slim look are the Wild Bluebell. To distinguish it, the Spanish is thicker and lighter blue Bluebell and is a cultivated version and is not Nature. Don’t forget a macro shot to show the Bluebell at its full beauty.

Lastly Snake Head flowers are abundant right now and these are in meadows like Eades Meadow, Hanbury, but I would suggest you do your homework on the internet as one year they are abundant the next year they don’t show. Plenty of wonderful flowers for everyone to enjoy.

All these flowers are pure Nature as long as taken in situ. If picked and photographed they are no longer Nature and should not be picked.

Lots of ideas for you all enjoy xx.

The Severn Valley Park will offer some flowers along with the Clent Hills and Woodgate Valley Country Park.

Jenny Webster

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