19.03.2023 Vocal Point

Dear All

How is it Sunday again and my watch pinging to tell me to write Vocal Point ? Has someone stolen some days out of my week again ??

What a fab model Emma was on Tuesday , not sure where the grumpy cowboy was this week ?

Please do send her some images ,they don’t have to be competition standard , but it is important we keep our models sweet and send them some images, so we can ask them back.

Sue kindly delivered Beks her card ,and wasn’t it nice to hear from her .

A circle of us are in regular contact and will keep you updated with her progress as I know there is a lot of concern amongst the members . It is great to see such warmth from the members and I am sure Beks felt it with all the lovely messages we sent.

So this week brings us the lovely Jane Lazenby at 8pm with no early class this week ,unless I’m wrong which has been known-once ! 

I am sure you will all enjoy Jane ,she is very inspiring and explains her processes really clearly and is very entertaining .I am looking forward to it for sure.

Novices– please do enter your annual competition -it is a chance to showcase this year’s work .It would be great to have a large entry ,so don’t be shy !

See you all on Tuesday 


12.03.2023 Vocal Point

Morning to all of you-

Tuesday night was saved by Peter Gennard stepping in to the breach very last minute and an entertaining last print competition was had .

For those of you who weren’t there Tuesday  we had a card to sign for Beks who has been very ill ,she is now home from hospital but still has lots of recovery to get through .

There will be a card on Tuesday for you to sign , as we all wish her a speedy return to herself . There is also a collection so we can get her a present from the club for those that wish to put something in . (or you can do a bank transfer if preferred -Linda is happy to sort this .reference Beks) 

 This coming Tuesday is a studio evening –

Colin has written – 

I’ve arranged for Emma to return with different outfits to last time and we can arrange different backdrops as well. We may be shooting on the stage with 2-3 backdrops.

We can still set up the white large backdrop in the hall and I’m able to have groups of 2-3 for 10 minutes or so to demonstrate lighting. If we use continuous lighting we will need to use members own lights as well as the clubs.

Those who have own continuous lights please bring them along.

Access to Emma will be organised and timed as before. Please sign the “order of shooting” list .

For my demo I will need 2-3 volunteers to act as the model. No experience needed! Demos will be aimed at beginners and please organise yourselves informally. Maybe we could have 3 chairs nearby for the waiting group so that when we change another 3 can be seated.

Please help setting up from 7pm (is that ok with key holders???)

Finally, Emma has not received any images from her first shoot. Please sent her some or even just one.


Emma’s details :  emmavlh25@hotmail.com

Can I ask you to send some images please – I have sent her 10 over and she was delighted .We need to keep our models on our side so they return .So a couple of images each please !!

Last time you were very helpful with set up and put away which made it a successful evening ,if we could have similar I would be really grateful.

 See you all Tuesday with your cameras .

04.03.2023 Vocal Point

Dear All

A bit early this weekend as I am off away .

After an a busy week last week and another successful interclub we look forward to our 4th print competition on Tuesday with judge Dave Tucker .

I hope he will look at the prints from different angles ! I look forward to seeing the various interpretations of Perspective .

Jenny is taking the early class on Tuesday ,I am sure she will fill us in on the subject .

Most importantly Beks would like to thank us all for the flowers we have sent after her hospital stay .She is now home ,and we all wish her a very speedy recovery .

You have many friends at the club Beks and anything that you need we are all happy to help in any way . I look forward to seeing that cheeky smile very soon.

See you all on Tuesday 

26.02.2023 Vocal Point

Good Morning ,

I am goggle eyed from editing, printing and mounting 6 prints ready for Tuesday -note to self -Plan Ahead !

But it comes around so quickly doesn’t it ?

Handing in for the print competition is Tuesday evening , which is Studio Night –Two models for this Tuesday.Emma Victoria Louise will be first time visitor to BPS. That is her full name for those who want to look at her portfolio on PurplePort but on the night she answers to Emma or Em!  She’ll be working at “fashion” level with change of outfit at break.The other model we welcome back after a short absence.  He’ll have changes of hats at least. He answers to many names but in polite company we call him Tony. Doors open 7.15 and please try and get to Avoncroft to help set up (and take down at the end!). Don’t forget to sign the order of shooting sheet at the desk.Help needed during the evening especially timekeeping and organising the member’s 3-somes.We may just control access to Emma in organised timely fashion with Tony on the stage and available  to small groups for untimed but short periods. Please organise yourselves and be considerate to others!With more than one photographer please don’t confuse the model. Make it clear if you need them to look direct at you or off to the side. Possibly you could do 1:1 shooting and change after a dozen or so shots.
Even if you are not in to Model photography ,do come along for coffee and a chat ,it is a great chance to socialise and you never know you may get tempted .
We will have a SALES TABLE  on Tuesday as well , so bring along anything you would like to either donate to the table OR if you want it sold on your behalf please clearly label it with price and your name .A 15% donation is taken off sales price . These items need taking home at end of the evening if not sold . Any questions please email me .Don’t forget we have an away match at Stourbridge Club at The Bonded Warehouse (

2 Canal St, Amblecote, Stourbridge DY8 4LU) on Thursday 2nd March at 7.30 pm I believe , hopefully more info will come through from them with scoresheet etc .. We will keep you posted .

Please try to come along to support Bromsgrove and join in a great atmosphere with fellow photographers .

See you Tuesday – no early class just lots of willing helpers ! 

Don’t forget to start looking at the end of year competitions as they are sneaking up on us all too !

19.02.2023 Vocal Point

Dear All,

This will be the last week the display in the library is on , please do try to pop in to support it and admire our work .

This Tuesday brings a 7pm class with Tony Gervis will I can assure you will be an entertaining presentation.

This is followed by Verity Milligan via Zoom in to Avoncroft –

Light on the Land: Explorations into Landscape & Urban Photography” – A pictorial explorations through the landscapes (urban and rural) of the UK and beyond, exploration the relationship between the light and the land, and the significance of personal response and interpretation of the ever changing, always intriguing scenery. There will also be discussion of finding your creative voice, sharing on social media and the importance of having influential contemporaries.” 

This sounds an interesting evening ,with some different aspects of photography .

We have just got over ugly ,and we now have to think of Perspective – never a dull moment with Nick ! The print competition set subject .

For those of you that knew David Eyre his funeral will be on Monday 20th Feb 11am Redditch Crematorium and afterwards at Meadow Farm B98 9BJ

There is a just giving fundraiser in his memory , which Alison has set up.


I look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening ,


12.02.2023 Vocal Point

Morning ,

Can’t believe it is Sunday again.

I am in a haze of dust with workmen in the house but have managed to get out with my camera a bit .

It’s all about making the effort ! And well worth it when you do .

Tuesday was fabulous ,and it is so great to see such a high standard of work from all of the clubs.

We have the 4th PDI competition this coming week with Martin Cooper judging ,it will be interesting to see how people have interpreted Ugly ,it certainly makes us think outside the box !

The early class is with David Jellie talking about the different genres of photography . Always an interesting and informative session ,please do join him on the stage .

Don’t forget to pop in to Bromsgrove Library to see our super display of prints . We have had some lovely feedback from people who have visited ,so do try to support it .

Tony G has sent out about a day out in early summer , we are planning an event weekly during the summer , not always a Tuesday but something for everyone ,different days to include weekends . It is ideal to not restrict us to a Tuesday night ,it opens up a whole range of possibilities . So we are looking forward to an exciting summer of activities .

Ideas from members are very welcome ,I would like to hear from you if you have suggestions .

See you all on Tuesday evening 

05.02.2023 Vocal Point

A very good morning to you all ,

Sunny but chilly ,perfect for a wander out with your camera .

Or to sit and enter the PDI which closes on Tuesday evening ,with the subject of Ugly (no comment please Tony G).

This Tuesday brings us not quite the Six Nations ,but it is the Six Societies .. ok there may not actually be 6 Societies now but it will still be another entertaining evening of images from other clubs . We are hosting the evening so please make our guests feel welcome . 8pm start . Come and cheer for Bromsgrove .

There is no 7pm class , but we are always grateful for help setting up the chairs etc in advance.

David is opening up for me around 7.15 so any extra bodies would be welcome .

There will also be a raffle so bring some change along .

Look forward to seeing you there .


29.01.2023 Vocal Point

Good Morning members ,

A very busy and long morning yesterday – Anne ,David,Tony H,Dennis ,Ian and myself gathered at the library to put the display of prints up.

We have this great Town Centre space for a whole month .The display looks amazing and represents all genres of photography and styles of work . We have used at least one print from each member who provided prints for this ,so everyone that can be has been represented .

Please do try to pop down to the library to support the exhibition and enjoy seeing the excellent work produced by our members .

Other clubs are struggling to produce any prints ,so we should be proud of  how flourishing we are and I hope any of you that don’t produce your work in to print will be encouraged to do so . 

It brings a different dynamic to your work and is very rewarding .

There are printers within the club who are always happy to answer questions.

This Tuesday will kick off at 7pm with Colin talking about Family Albums followed by Travelling Portfolio -sit back , relax and enjoy work from other clubs ,this is always thought provoking . I look forward to seeing you Tuesday I am off to take a picture of something ugly !

I forgot to include that the club heard of the death of one of our previous members David Eyre, some of you may remember him , he was a member some some years ago . It is always sad to hear news like this , we send our best wishes to his family.


22.01.2023 Vocal Point

Dear All

I think we are all still on a high from the excitement on Tuesday .

Well this Tuesday should be as exciting with David Jellie on at 7pm , with the effects of lighting and lighting techniques . Light being the key factor in our photography this should prove to be very interesting and informative.

The main event is the 3rd print competition judged by Paddy Ruske .

I hope we have another good attendance in the Hall and I look forward to seeing some excellent images .

See you all there ,


08.01.2023 Vocal Point

With such a great start to the year with the Party on Tuesday we can be looking forward to all that is in store at the club.

This Tuesday we have a double bill of Tony Gervis , the early class will be looking at projects and finding pictures in everyday places . Something Tony excels at . 

The main event is a talk from his travels , if previous presentations are anything to go by we will be entertained in many ways with images and stories of his travels . I am certainly looking forward to it .

The print competition is open so please look at entering your Colour or Nature images .

Wednesday night is an evening at Smethwick -from Colin’s email  Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography on Wednesday January 11th -doors open 7pm with time to view 250 prints before 8pm projected mono, colour acceptances and Nature Awards.

See Exhibition Dates and Tickets – Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography for details. The exhibition opens the first full w/e in January and tickets purchased in advance recommended for w/e visit.. Our Wednesday visit will be ok for pay at the door.

Venue is minutes from J2 of M5 – The Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury B69 2AS (historically they met in Smethwick and kept the name when moving to current excellent facilities which they own).

We have had some interesting information sent through from David about looking at why you have taken the image and whether it is conveys your expectations . An interesting read for sure .

See you all on Tuesday