18/01/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

Lockdown continues, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. I have had such good feedback from our Caption/Title night last Tuesday. Everyone who took part seemed to enjoy it – possibly the fact that things didn’t run smoothly added to the hilarity. Well done Jan for the original idea and putting it together.

This week we are back to the serious subject of club competitions – we have our Monthly PDI – Mono and Nature – judged by Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/g. We have a strong entry – including images from 11 Novice members. Most of you will have noticed that the quality of entries from our members is increasing all the time. It’s fair to say that even if you haven’t entered into our monthly competitions, you will still learn a lot from seeing what our members have entered and the critique from the judge on the night. Good luck to all who have entered.

There is no early session this week, so I will see you all at 8-00pm on Tuesday.

Best wishes


12/01/2021 Vocal Point

Hi all

Once again lockdown has kicked in, which limits our photography to local shots or indoor work. Still, for those of us who don’t mind the cold too much, the snow and ice last week offered many opportunities – even without leaving our own gardens. It’s also a great chance to hone up on your editing skills – remember practice makes perfect.

We kicked off the New Year with our annual quiz and what a fun night it was – well done Beks for putting on such an entertaining night.

This week, we are trying a new idea. Jan has organised a challenge where we will put a title or caption to an image. I’m sure that you have all recognised that judges can be swayed by a title when judging an image, but often we have a blind spot when putting a title to an image. The committee had a trial run with this a few weeks ago and it went very well. Jan has already sent out the images for your consideration, so please log in tomorrow for another entertaining night.

We also have an early session tomorrow with the next instalment of the Roger Lewis Foundation Course, so please log on at 7-00pm for this very helpful course – don’t worry if you haven’t logged on before, you will still learn a lot.

Best wishes


04/01/2021 Vocal Point

A Happy New Year to you all.

I hope that you have all had a chance to enjoy the Christmas break, even if it was different to previous years for many of us. The new year brings increased restrictions, with possibly worse to come. At the very least, you know that you have our regular Zoom meetings on a Tuesday evening to keep you entertained. Bromsgrove PS has proven how well we can adapt to challenging situations over the last 9 months and we will continue to do the same in the future.

Regardless of whether you are a New Year’s resolution person or not, why don’t you use the new year to take your photography further. Following on from the excellent presentation by Jenny and Colin on Taking Your Photography Beyond Bromsgrove, we have an early session this week on the practicalities of entering external exhibitions and competitions. It is a great experience to do this – even if your entries are unsuccessful, at the very least you will get access to a catalogue of successful images – giving you a chance to learn from current standards and trends in the world of photography. Colin has already sent out some information and you should have had a link from Richard for the Zoom meeting at 7-00 on Tuesday.

Our main event on Tuesday will be our annual New Year Quiz. It’s a shame that we can’t meet up socially at Avoncroft with some food and drink, but under the circumstances, this will be the next best thing. You should have already received information from Jan and Beks on how the evening will run. It should be a fun and relaxed evening. Food and drink is optional, but very much a case of bring your own.

Finally, Jenny has posted another excellent Nature Blog on our webpage https://www.bromsgroveps.com/category/specialist-groups/jenny-websters-nature-tips/

Despite the challenging weather conditions at the minute there a lot of good nature and other photographic opportunities out there. If nothing else, it will blow the cobwebs away.

See you all Tuesday


19/12/2020 Extra Vocal Point

Yes, I know I said that last week’s Vocal Point would be the last of 2020 – but this is so exciting it needs to be shared. I realise that a lot of you will already be aware of this through Facebook, but not everyone uses social media.

We have made the front page of the Bromsgrove Standard with our High Street display of our work. The latest edition can be picked up free from the local supermarkets and other outlets. I have also attached some images of the event – one from the Standard and the remainder from my own camera. There is also a list of the images and authors who feature – a wide range of members, and I thank you all for your contributions.

Special thanks must go to Linda for sourcing the location and Anne for getting us this excellent publicity – as well as to the members who helped set up the display. We have helped brighten up the High Street at a particularly difficult time. 

If you cannot get to the High Street to see the display, or store to get a copy of the newspapers, then they can be viewed online as follows –



2021 can only be an improvement on 2020, but I have no doubt that Bromsgrove Photographic Society will go from strength to strength in the months and years ahead.

A Merry Christmas, a Happy and above all Healthy New Year to you all.


High Street Shop Display December 2020

Faye   Linda Allen
Bumble Bee on Lavendar   Richard Chapman
Marmalade Hover Fly on Ragwort    Richard Chapman
Assertive   Colin Close
Workout   Colin Close
Washday   John Davison
Pots   John Davison
Golfinch Eating Forget-me-not Seeds   Janice Godwin
Robin on Milk Bottle   Janice Godwin
Red Squirrel  Jan Godwin
Poppy   Barry Green
Grass Snake   Barry Green
Robin in Winter   Julie Hall
Female Kestrel Looking Left   Julie Hall
Vietnamese Travel   Jan Harris
The Quirang   Jan Harris
Steps   Tony Hawksbee
Golden Scalycap   David Jellie
Shelter from the Storm   David Jellie
Classic Morris 8   Anne Galbraith-Jellie
Furry Flower   Rebekah Nash
Adoration   Liz Perrins
Her Master’s Voice   Ele Rae
Frankie   Ele Rae
Colour Wheel   Ruth Seadon
No. 39 in Front   Paul Smith
Ashness Pier   Nick Veale
Hayden   Sue Vernon
Apache Attack   Sue Vernon
Gentoo Penguins   David Ward
King Penguin Chorus   David Ward
Grey Wolves Bonding   Jenny Webster
Red Squirrel Foraging in the Rain   Jenny Webster

13/12/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

This will be the final Vocal Point of 2020. What a topsy turvy year it has been and I don’t think that many of us will be sad to see the back of it. I firmly believe that new challenges bring new opportunities, and your committee have certainly risen to the challenge of lockdown and social distancing. The result has been an excellent year for Bromsgrove PS with excellent presentations and competition entries on our Zoom evenings. We can only be hopeful that effective vaccines against coronavirus are on the way and – at some point – we can return to our normal social evenings at Avoncroft.

Many thanks to Jenny and Colin for their excellent presentation on Taking Your Photographs Beyond Bromsgrove. They hope that this can be followed up with even more practical information and advice at one of our early sessions in the New Year. Watch this space for more information.

We have one more meeting night to come in 2020 and it is a chance for all of you to show off your Christmas jumpers and other gear. We have an early session with Beks doing the next instalment of the Roger Lewis Foundation Course. This is open to all, and you should have already received your Zoom invite from Richard.

Our main event will be our second print competition – Colour and Mono entries – with judge Colin Walls CPAGB. Good luck to everyone who has entered.

I hope to see you all on Tuesday. If not, then please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (but above all Healthy) New Year.

Best wishes


07/12/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

What an excellent week for BPS. On Tuesday we had our annual interclub competition – the Midland Bank Trophy with Redditch PS and Studley CC. There was some stiff opposition and some excellent work on display, however we came away with the trophy as convincing winners. Not only that, 5 of our entries gained the maximum 20 points from our judge David Lowe. Congratulations to all members who had a PDI selected and well done to Jenny and the selection committee for their choices – never easy in BPS due to the high standard of work that we have in our society.

It was also a good week in that we have put a display of our work on show in Bromsgrove High Street. This is such good publicity for us. It also helps to brighten up the main thoroughfare in Bromsgrove in a shop front that would otherwise be empty. I have attached a list of the work and photographers on display.

This week we can look forward to some home grown entertainment from Jenny Webster LRPS  EPSA BPSA EFIAP DPAGB BPE*3 and Colin Close DPAGB AFIAP BPE5*. Jenny and Colin have vast experience in external competitions and exhibitions and we can look forward to their presentation on “Showing Your Photographs Beyond Bromsgrove”. 

We are rapidly approaching our Christmas break. After this week we will only have our 2nd Print Competition to look forward to before the New Year.

See you all on Tuesday.

Best wishes


H i g h   S t r e e t   S h o p   D i s p l a y   D e c e m b e r   2 0 2 0

 F a y e                                                                                             L i n d a   A l l e n

 B u m b l e   B e e   o n   L a v e n d a r                                      R i c h a r d   C h a p m a n

 M a r m a l a d e   H o v e r   F l y   o n   R a g w o r t              R i c h a r d   C h a p m a n

 A s s e r t i v e                                                                                C o l i n   C l o s e

 W o r k o u t                                                                                  C o l i n   C l o s e

 W a s h d a y                                                                                 J o h n   D a v i s o n

 P o t s                                                                                             J o h n   D a v i s o n

 G o l f i n c h   E a t i n g   F o r g e t – m e – n o t   S e e d s J a n i c e   G o d w i n

 R o b i n   o n   M i l k   B o t t l e                                                J a n i c e   G o d w i n

 R e d   S q u i r r e l                                                                       J a n   G o d w i n

 P o p p y                                                                                         B a r r y   G r e e n

 G r a s s   S n a k e                                                                        B a r r y   G r e e n

 R o b i n   i n   W i n t e r                                                              J u l i e   H a l l

 F e m a l e   K e s t r e l   L o o k i n g   L e f t                            J u l i e   H a l l

 V i e t n a m e s e   T r a v e l                                                      J a n   H a r r i s

 T h e   Q u i r a n g                                                                        J a n   H a r r i s

 S t e p s                                                                                          T o n y   H a w k s b e e

 G o l d e n   S c a l y c a p                                                            D a v i d   J e l l i e

 S h e l t e r   f r o m   t h e   S t o r m                                         D a v i d   J e l l i e

 C l a s s i c   M o r r i s   8                                              A n n e   G a l b r a i t h – J e l l i e

 F u r r y   F l o w e r                                                                      R e b e k a h   N a s h

 A d o r a t i o n                                                                              L i z   P e r r i n s

 H e r   M a s t e r ‘ s   V o i c e                                                     E l e   R a e

 F r a n k i e                                                                                     E l e   R a e

 C o l o u r   W h e e l                                                                    R u t h   S e a d o n

 N o .   3 9   i n   F r o n t                                                               P a u l   S m i t h

 A s h n e s s   P i e r                                                                       N i c k   V e a l e

 H a y d e n                                                                                     S u e   V e r n o n

 A p a c h e   A t t a c k                                                                  S u e   V e r n o n

 G e n t o o   P e n g u i n s                                                           D a v i d   W a r d

 K i n g   P e n g u i n   C h o r u s                                                 D a v i d   W a r d

 G r e y   W o l v e s   B o n d i n g                                               J e n n y   W e b s t e r

 R e d   S q u i r r e l   F o r a g i n g   i n   t h e   R a i n             J e n n y   W e b s t e r

29/11/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

For those of you who were unable to attend the PDI competition on Zoom last week, I have some very sad news to pass on. Unfortunately, Ken Bryan has recently passed away. Ken has been a regular attendee at Avoncroft in recent years. I’m sure that we will all remember him for the twinkle in his eye when talking Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

There is a lot to report this week. You are probably already aware that we have secured the use of a shop front on Bromsgrove High Street from Tuesday of this week, to display our images and promote Bromsgrove Photographic Society. This is an excellent opportunity attracting a wider range of interest and possibly some new members as well. Well done to Linda Allan, Anne Galbraith-Jellie and Colin Close for the work that they have put in to make this happen. Thanks are also due to the leader of Bromsgrove Council – Karen May – for pointing us in the right direction.

We have had lots of offers to help on Tuesday for transporting display boards and setting up the prints. In the current circumstances we have been very conscious of Covid regulations and the “work party” will be small and socially distanced, etc. If your offer of help has not been accepted, it is still very much appreciated. So, Tuesday onwards look out for Bromsgrove PS on the High Street. We are directly opposite Costa Coffee – about half way down.

I am delighted to pass on news of further successes for our members in International Competitions. Andrew Crawford has had three acceptances in the 5th Campino 2020 International Exhibition of Photography in Romania Colin Close has had 22 acceptances from 8 images in the Serbia Montenegro Grand Circuit 2020 – including 2 Gold Medals and 2 Highly Commended. Well done Andrew and Colin.

Finally, we have our annual interclub competition against Studley PS and redditch PS – the Midland Bank Trophy. It had been scheduled to be hosted by Studley, but circumstances meant that they were unable to – hence we have stepped in to host it on Zoom. This year it will be PDI entries only and we have a strong entry from BPS. The judge is David Lowe ARPS DPAGB. This should be an excellent night of photography so please tune in to Zoom and support your society.

Best wishes


22/11/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

The results of two external exhibitions have been announced this week and they bring further success for our members –

Frome Salon of Photography –

   Julie Hall – one acceptance Highly Commended

   Jan Harris – three acceptances

   Jenny Webster – 4 acceptances including one HC

Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography – 

   Acceptances from Tony Gervis, Julie Hall, Jenny Webster, Nick Veale and David Jellie

Apologies if we have missed anyone – the Smethwick website in particular is not an easy one to navigate through the results.

Well done everyone. If you have never entered an external exhibition but would like to dip your toe in the water, then give it a go – it’s not as difficult as you might think. It has been a difficult year for exhibitions due to coronavirus. Print entries have been cancelled, and some exhibitions have even been cancelled. However, many have carried on as PDI competitions only – some even have a Mobile Phone image category. If you want to know more about entering then why not talk to one of the more experienced members who enter on a regular basis.

Club night last week was a bit different from our average evenings. Adrian Weale gave an entertaining presentation on War Photography – using both his own images, and images from his grandfather – a Fleet Street stringer attached to the British 2nd Army during World War II. His presentation may have been a little light on images, but he more than made up for it with fascinating back stories and insights from world events that we have been used to seeing on the news or documentaries.

This week we have an early session with Beks introducing the next Roger Lewis Foundation Course. This will be followed at 8:00 with the 2nd PDI Competition – Colour and Nature. The judge is Paddy Ruske. We have 82 entries and this promises to be another night of high quality images from our members.

See you all on Tuesday

Best wishes


15/11/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

This has been a good week for Bromsgrove PS. We entered the Cwm Rhondda Battle yesterday against 24 other clubs from the UK and Ireland. The quality of work was very high and we finished a very creditable 4th out of 25 – dropping only 10 points out of a total of 80. The overall winners were Catchlight (Belfast) – they dropped only 2 points with some astoundingly good images and well deserved their triumph. A special mention should go to Julie Hall for scoring maximum points with her image Red Squirrel on Lichen – the judge was very impressed.

On the subject of Wales, congratulations should go to Michele Chance for winning the Chairman’s Medal for her image “Curves” in the Welsh International. Finally, also our congratulations to Andrew Crawford for getting an image used on the Visit Exmoor Instagram page. As a Society we continue to go from strength to strength, and coronavirus has not dented our talent or enthusiasm.

Looking ahead to this Tuesday our Zoom meeting will be a presentation from Adrian Weale entitled “A Family Business: a perspective on war photography”  War photography doesn’t tend to feature on photographic club programmes very much and it will be fascinating  to see at hear a different topic to the usual. Adrian is also donating his fee to the Royal British Legion.

There is no early session this week.

See you all on Tuesday

Best Wishes


08/11/2020 Vocal Point

Hi all

Congratulations to everyone who got a place in the Print Competition last week. Once again the standard was high across the sections. Our thanks go to Van Greaves for stepping in as a judge at relatively short notice. The print competitions are obviously more of a challenge in the current circumstances, but it was good to see nearly 50 entries on the night.

There are two things to mention this week.

Starting with Tuesday you will have already received an email from Jan regarding our change of programme. We can look forward to an entertaining night with Charles Ashton ARPS DPAGB AFIAP, entitled From Tokyo to New Orleans and Many Streets in Between. Our scheduled presentation from Jenny and Colin will feature at a later date.

You will recall, I mentioned that we will be taking part in a 25 club interclub competition called the Cwm Rhondda Battle. This will take place this Saturday 14 November at 2-00 PM. It will be good to see the standard of work from clubs across the regions. Due to the likely number of spectators this will take place live on Youtube rather than on Zoom. We will send the link out to you all when it becomes available to us later in the week.

Best wishes